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Flour power: Kansas City bakery grinds wheat into flour in-house

Posted at 6:41 AM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 18:28:11-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – When Chris Matsch makes a loaf of bread or a pastry, every detail is important. So much so, the co-owner of Ibis Bakery installed a flour mill inside his Crossroads location. 

He buys organic wheat from a farmer in Kansas and grinds it into flour inside his kitchen. Matsch said the fresh flour contains more flavor, nutrition and texture than mass-produced varieties, which he said makes all the difference in the finished product. 

“It allows ourselves to have more flexibility in what we want to make from a dough standpoint, and it just tastes better,” he said. 

Matsch claimed his bakery is the only in Kansas City to mill its own flour. Besides adding flavor to his products, he said he finds satisfaction in the sustainability of using products naturally available in the region. 

“I feel good about eating something made with flour that is right by. I think it’s motivating for people,” he said. 

Eventually, Matsch said he plans to sell his flour to customers. 

Ibis Bakery shares a storefront with Messenger Coffee at 17th Street and Grand Boulevard.