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Former 49ers and Chiefs assistant coach Katie Sowers says she has no idea which team she'll root for Sunday

Posted at 7:52 PM, Feb 09, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Katie Sowers will watch Sunday's Super Bowl with no idea who she will root for. She has experience coaching for both the 49ers and the Chiefs.

“The biggest question I get is who I’m cheering for,” she said. “It may be politically correct, but it's also honest. I have no idea.”

She’ll have the whole team over for a watch party.

“My upstairs is ready for the Chiefs fans, my downstairs is for the 49ers fans. I might be going in between,” she said. “We’re going to have a lot of food and we're going to try to keep the banter to a minimum.”

"I’m not surprised that we are here." Sowers said of the Chiefs and 49ers. "These are some of the best coaches and players around and I’ve been blessed to learn from both of them. My gut is telling me I do think the 49ers are going to win. Unfortunately for all the people who might be listening, but it's going to be hard to beat the dynasty.”

Katie is now a coach for the Ottawa Braves' flag football team.

“We got practice going on," Sowers said. "I’m here with the three-time national champions, Ottawa Braves."

She’s the defensive coordinator and she knows great players when she sees them, especially because of her experience on NFL teams.

“Making it to the Super Bowl as a male is hard enough," she said. "Making it as the only female to ever coach in the Super Bowl at that point was unreal. What was most important was that I wasn’t the last. The following year we had female coaches win the Super Bowl and it was so cool to see.”

Sowers said she wasn’t surprised the Chiefs and 49ers are back for a rematch.

But Sowers won't likely be returning to coach at an NFL team.

“I often get the question, 'Are you going to go back to the NFL?'” she said. “The answer, which is probably disappointing for a lot of people, the answer is no. I love what I’m doing. I get to coach some of the elite athletes I’ve ever coached.”

The 2028 Olympics are in Los Angeles.

Katie was just named the head coach of the Italian National flag football team.

She will leave soon for Italy to pick her team and start playing games in the summer.