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Former Chief and Super Bowl Champion predicts Chiefs win in Miami

Jan Stenerud
Posted at 6:06 PM, Jan 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-24 17:43:12-05

KANSAS CITY, Kan.  — People all around Kansas City are taking a break from work to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holtus led a pep rally at the University of Kansas Health System on Thursday.

Former Chief and Super Bowl champion Jan Stenerud told the crowd the Chiefs would win Super Bowl LIV in Miami. As the National Football Leagues guest for the 100th season, Stenerud is excited to see his team back after 50 years.

"Well, it's the most exciting team in all of football and Mahomes might be the best one that I've ever seen in my life and I watch a lot of football," Stenerud said.

Stenerud was the first 'pure' placekicker to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. When he upset the Vikings in Super Bowl IV, Stenerud knocked three field goals through the up rights, outscoring the Vikings all by himself.

"All I remember was concentrate, concentrate, do your job and give it everything you have every time," he said. You may not go on the field at all as a kicker, we may go out there 7-8 times, so I just wanted to be sure that I did the very best every time I had the chance to do something."

It wasn't until his senior year at Montana State that Stenerud played football. All the way from Norway, Stenerud was an incredible ski jumper and went to school on scholarship.

"That happened kind of by accident," he said. I played soccer as a kid and went out and kicked the football one day and practiced some and somebody noticed me and thought I had a talent for it."

His talent won him many honors including a six-time All-League selection, two AFL All-Star games and four Pro Bowls. Stenerud was also named the Outstanding Offensive Player in the 1972 Pro Bowl.

A week from now, Stenerud will head to Miami and offered up some advice to the current Chiefs team.

"Just go down and do exactly what you've done, the same routine, do your job, do the best you can and you'll come out on top," Stenerud said.