Foster homes needed for Oak Grove dogs

Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 19:18:21-04

The road to a happy and healthy home has begun for 48 dogs and a cat that were recovered from a home in Oak Grove. 

Prosecutors said 76-year-old Ellen Schreiner was running a puppy mill, selling the American Eskimo breed dogs for around $300 per dog. Schreiner has been charged with animal abuse.

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These neglected dogs need the special attention a foster home can give.

“We would love for foster families to step forward. Some of these dogs will need foster support as they recuperate," said Rachel Hodgson, Chief Communications Officer with the Great Plains SPCA.  

Foster homes are needed to help shy and fearful pets integrate into a new and loving home. They're also a place animals can recover from surgery. 

The Great Plains SPCA can provide food, toys and other supplies. People can choose how long they wish to foster.

"This is a high volume, 49 pets, and this is a really big case so we've got everyone, volunteers and staff, helping right now," said Hodgson.

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Not to mention all of the other furry faces in the shelter’s care.

“We get hoarding situations even on a weekly basis here at Great Plains SPCA; it's usually smaller amounts so not everyone knows about it."

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