Charges amended against man after 4-year-old boy shot in Kansas City

UPDATE, 6/13: Prosecutors have amended felony charges against Ellery Beals after a shootout in south Kansas City that wounded a 4-year-old boy. 

Beals now faces one count of unlawful possession of a firearm. He is charged as a persistent offender. 

The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office said the charges filed Sunday against Beals -- unlawful use of a weapon, second-degree assault, and two counts of armed criminal action -- have been withdrawn and replaced by the amended charge. 

Court records say surveillance video showed Beals pointing a gun at the time of the shooting in the area of 3400 Red Bridge Road on June 9. When the original charges were filed, police had not found the gun believed to be the one Beals pointed. 

On Tuesday, officers searched the area for the gun, and it was found in a nearby wooded or overgrown area. It was the same area where Beals was seen before he was arrested after the shooting Saturday night. 

At least one other suspect was seen firing a gun on surveillance video, according to court records. 

Court records say the gun recovered on Tuesday didn't work, and a test fire of the gun determined the shell casings found at the scene weren't fired by that gun. 

The prosecutor's office said Beals's criminal history shows he has several prior convictions and was on supervision by the U.S. Probation and Parole at the time of the shooting. 

The shooting remains under investigation.  


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -  Prosecutors charged a man Sunday in connection with the shooting of a four-year-old boy.

Ellery Beals is charged in Jackson County Court with unlawful use of a weapon, assault and two counts of armed criminal action.

Investigators say two people were shooting at each other at the BP Gas Station near the 3400 block of Red Bridge Road.

Craig Brady was nearby.

"I went in there and then all of a sudden that guy and girl in that Honda Odyssey van pulled in. Next thing I know I see the guy running across the front door and I heard shots,” said Brady.

During that shooting, a stray bullet entered the back of a home and injured a 4-year-old boy.

The boy's grandmother found him, saw his injury and rushed him to the hospital.

His injuries are non-life-threatening.

“First there were shots, and then they stopped for a second... and then there was more shots and I saw them,” said Brady.

Police are looking for a second suspect.

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