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Garnett schools let out early as Anderson County braces for more rain

Posted at 7:53 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 20:53:17-04

GARNETT, Kan. -- Rain continued to fall in Garnett, Kansas, Friday. Water in some areas of town was ankle deep, worrying some residents as more rain filled the weekend forecast.

“I have a little anxiety. I can’t sleep; the storm has to completely pass," said Garnett resident Patrick Long. 

Long has lived in Garnett for several years. Since 2010, he's been legally blind in both eyes. Long said he has his apartment mapped out well, but when a storm rolls through town, he gets nervous about the possibility of evacuation. 

“It’s like I could always get away or do something and then being blind, I just never did storms very well," said Long. 

On Friday, Long received emergency alerts on his cellphone stating there was a flash flood warning in Anderson County. 

“The weather radar was going off. It said we had flash flooding in these lower lying areas of Garnett," said Long. 

Anderson County Emergency Management said Garnett had received almost 4 inches of rain Friday. 

"People have a hard time driving in it, I know that," said resident Leroy Standing Cloud. 

Many gravel county roads have been closed due to the rising water, but all of the main roads remained open as of Friday evening. 

Anderson County Emergency Management said the county has two water rescue teams. On Friday, the two teams were on standby: one was staged in the southern part of the county, the other in the northern part. 

Local schools in Garnett also let out early Friday to ensure all students could get home safely.