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Kansas City woman prepares for long-awaited trip to Colorado in custom RV

Mary Lynn Anderson
Posted at 7:28 PM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 23:19:20-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At KSHB 41, we're committed to sharing stories of people working to make a difference and inspire others in our community.

For one local woman, that means packing her dreams, renewed relationships and the desire to encourage others.

Mary Lynn Anderson has been busy. The 78-year old has been custom-fitting a van to use as her personal recreational vehicle.

"Nothing can go unless it has more than one purpose," Anderson said.

She knew this vehicle was the right one.

"I found this for sale, and it was at the daycare where my husband used to go," Anderson said. "In sickness and in health, till whatever, you know what I mean? Marriage is a marvelous thing."

Anderson recalled the last time she and her husband, Ralph, went out for dinner. It was on Valentine's Day in 2020.

"The last time we went out to dinner was February 14," she said.

Ralph died two months later of heart failure. She turned to memories, pictures and personal items.

"I found a letter from my dad, which I have in the van," she said.

Anderson read some of the letter out loud which mentioned her sister, Suzie.

"I'm devastated that you and Suzie have so much trouble getting along," Anderson said reading the letter.

The letter continued, "I can't please you both together, so I'm through trying."

According to Anderson, Suzie has had a rough go too.

"I believe they operated on the wrong disc when they did surgery," Anderson said. "She's been in a lot of pain for a lot of years, and her dream is always to go fly fishing."

According to Anderson, time can heal wounds.

"I was wasting away, I was sitting in my chair and I was thinking about all the things I could do," Anderson said. "And then one day, it was like, well why don't you do it?"

She's taking this custom RV to Colorado, to bond with Suzie, to fly fish, and to pay tribute.

"I want to walk on the ground that my father walked on when he was training in the 10th Mountain Infantry as a ski trooper in World War II," Anderson said.

She's 46 years sober, 18 years cancer free and less than 24 hours from a new journey.

"I want old ladies like me or old men even, to know, you can have a dream and you can make it come true," Anderson said.