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One Class at a Time announces 5th winner: Ginger Williams

Ginger Williams - one class at a time
Ginger Williams - Grain Valley
Posted at 7:07 AM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-28 18:46:56-04

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — Whether inside her classroom at Stony Point Elementary School or outside of her classroom, Ginger Williams creates community wherever she goes.

"Ginger's one of those people who when you’re around her, just makes you feel better in general," said Assistant Principal Jessica Reynolds. "Your heart feels better after you've had a conversation with her. Whether it’s a student or a colleague or an administrator, she’ll send a text message and say, 'I see you, I see what you’ve done today and I appreciate it.'"

Williams started out as a part-time substitute teacher in the district and is now teaching full-time.

"This upcoming school year, we needed a special education teacher, and so we asked Ginger — she was who we thought of first," Reynolds said.

In the One Class nomination, Stony Point Elementary Principal Scott Schmitt wrote in part:

"Ginger dove in, took the special education test to be certified and passed it on her first try. Ginger has learned the special education processes while still providing high-quality instruction on a daily basis. Ginger's commitment is noticed and her student academic gains are evident. I am proud of Ginger and her passion to be the best possible educator every day."

For Williams, it's about making sure all of her students' needs are met.

"You want to make sure you’re meeting not only school needs but relationship needs and personal needs. It is very much about them," Williams said. "I just care a whole lot about them and that I want their future to be the best they can be and to always try no matter how hard it is, is just to always try."

As she learned she was KSHB 41's next One Class at a Time winner, Williams said she was honored and speechless.

"I love what I do, and I’m super, super thankful for just everything. I'm super thankful for you guys," Williams said as she pointed to each one of her students.

After several hugs from her coworkers, her students made sure she knew why she was chosen.

"You won $500 for being a good teacher," one student said. "For being a great teacher. "

Congratulations Ginger Williams for all your hard work!

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