Group raises awareness for child abuse prevention

Foster Adopt Connect held an event at Theis Park on Sunday to raise awareness for child abuse prevention and encourage people in the community to get involved.

Kids and their foster families came out to fly kites and help raise awareness for the prevention of child abuse.

“There are five children dying each day from child abuse and everyone can do something to prevent that,” said Sarah Jeffries, Marketing Manager with Foster Adopt Connect.

The event focused on ways to get involved, specifically with foster care. Organizers say becoming a foster parent isn’t for everyone, but there are many other ways people can help by supporting those foster families.

"Everyone doesn't have to foster and actually not everyone is called to foster, but you sure can wrap around foster parents or kids that are in foster care,” said Heather Saak who spoke at the event.

Saak has fostered 102 children and adopted 15 of them. She says people can help by donating meals, clothes and their time by babysitting or offering to help the families in other ways.

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