Habitat for Humanity encouraging women to build homes in Independence

Posted at 4:57 AM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 11:16:42-04

Habitat for Humanity has kicked off their Women Build with 150 female volunteers building two homes in Independence. 

The goal of Women Build is to encourage women to come volunteer, which can sometimes be lacking. Even if you have no construction experience, you are encouraged to join.

“As a woman and being a minority we have, we have to have a voice in construction and the way to have your voice is to get involved in the community and bond with other women and help make a difference for the community,” said volunteer Nicole Abrahamson. 

One of the homes is being built for Monique Williams, who is a mother of two girls. She got her hands dirty and learned how to help build her own home. 

“I used a table saw, I was a little nervous but I got over that I used the nail gun the drill and my all time favorite is the sledge hammer,” said Williams.

Williams says the fact that she helps build the home will make the home that much more special for her.

“I think it is going to mean a lot more to me having that I did some of the work, you know I can say I put that wall up or I put that door up so it is going to have a bigger meaning to me and my family,” said Williams. 

Organizers hope Women Build will help encourage women to feel confident in building construction projects.

“It’s really about finding women that have the will power to help other women in need by challenging them give of their time their talent even their financial resources to invest in community development,” said CEO Christina Leakey.

One of the homes being built is located in the 1600 block of North High Street, the other is being built in the 1100 block of Pope Avenue. 

If you would like to help volunteer, call 816-461-6551 or visit their website to learn more information.

Spots for this years Women Build are filling up fast, however they need women year round to help build.