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Hallmark celebrates milestone with $50,000 donation to Operation Breakthrough

Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 18:05:51-04

Kansas City, Missouri-based Hallmark prides itself on showcasing creativity — from the company’s greeting cards to its Christmas ornaments.

Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope, an interactive experience for children and families, makes that creativity come alive.

"Kaleidoscope is this fun, free, immersive experience for kids to come in and explore their creativity and imagination with a bunch of attractions," said David Hall, executive vice chairman of Hallmark Cards.

On Monday, the company celebrated the exhibit's 50th anniversary with some special guests: children who have benefited from Operation Breakthrough.

Hallmark presented the organization a check for $50,000.

"They have a good focus on the arts with education curriculum,” Hall said. “(It) made tons of sense for Kaleidoscope, a creative-based organization, to mark our anniversary with a gift to Operation Breakthrough.”

Operation Breakthrough, a nonprofit that works with children living in poverty, is a place where youth can feel safe and be artistic.

"I think oftentimes kids need a way, a creative outlet, and we really want them to have ways that they are able to be curious about things," Operation Breakthrough CEO Mary Esselman said.

Hallmark’s donation will help the organization, which recently expanded, to build an art studio.

"We have an arts lab it’s going to be supporting,” Esselman said. “I mean, imagine the difference and all of the new ways and learning it unlocks when you are able to study through the arts.”

Hall said the company wants the younger generation to know the benefits of using their imagination and being creative.

"It means the world to us. It really does,” Hall said. “It's an ongoing commitment that we have to the community and we have felt that way since our very earliest days. It's a community that has been supportive of Hallmark that we have always been looking for ways to give back.”

Through the end of the year, visitors to Kaleidoscope can make a 50-cent donation that will go to Operation Breakthrough.