Harrisonville flood victims still need support

Posted at 8:30 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 21:30:34-04

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Lake Annette resident Justin Thomas showed 41 Action News two water lines from recent flooding.

"This is the mark from July 27th right here," he said, pointing to the line more than a foot off the floor.

The next water line is a good foot and a half farther up the wall, left behind from the flood on August 22.

A week later, many families in Harrisonville, Missouri, like the Thomases, are still struggling to clean out their homes, facing thousands of dollars in damage.

Thomas says they were just over a year away from paying off the house. Now, the family of six is staying with relatives.

"It's a significant loss right now. We can't sleep here. Clothes, furniture. Everything is gone," Thomas said.

The Thomases and many others went to the United Methodist Church in Harrisonville, where multiple relief agencies joined together to form a Multi-Agency Response Center (MARC).

Cash assistance and helpful phone numbers are what the residents need.

"The community down here, they've been outstanding," Thomas said. "Offering everything from clothes to furniture. Churches in the area are offering help. The help is as overwhelming as the event."

But with Hurricane Harvey destroying Texas, we asked the Red Cross if they are equipped to handle all of it.

"The assets from the Red Cross, we have plenty of to deal with this situation. It's not like things are being drawn from us. Right now, we're focused here on the Kansas City area. We need to finish the response," Red Cross Volunteer Paul Marx said.

Marx said the Red Cross will send volunteers down to the Houston area at some point.

"We're still here," Thomas said.

It'll be a while before the Thomas home is livable again, but he wants the community to remember many families locally need all the help they can get.

Marx says they'll make sure those who didn't make it to the church Monday will get connected to resources.

The MARC is heading for Grandview, Missouri on Tuesday, where many folks are facing the same situation as Harrisonville.

Residents can go to the South Christian Church at 13608 Norbyt Road in Grandview from 1 to 7 p.m.