Head football coach at Shawnee Mission East steps down in disagreement with administration decisions

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – The head football coach at Shawnee Mission East High School has resigned after five years in the position, saying he was in disagreement with administration decisions.

Dustin Delaney announced his resignation Monday. He said he believed district leaders put the interests of adults above those of the students’.

Gibson Hobbs, a player in the junior varsity football Team at Shawnee Mission East, was stunned that Coach Delaney is leaving, but said he understood why.

“He wants to send the district the message to NOT put the interests of adults over the kids,” Hobbs said.

Liz Benditt is with Education First Shawnee Mission, and issued the following statement:

"We were sorry to hear about Coach Delaney's resignation. His comments are consistent with the regular complaints of an authoritarian administration with no transparency in decision making from teachers, families, and administration. Thanks to last week's school board election we are hopeful our three NEW school board members will bring the necessary leadership and change to the district."

Delaney is a physical education teacher at Shawnee Mission East and will continue in that role until the end of the year.

In response to Coach Delaney’s criticism, The Shawnee Mission School District had the following response:

“The Shawnee Mission School District always puts students first in accordance with district and state guidelines and policies.”

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