Lee's Summit homeowner's new roof damaged in storm

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. — Steve Thyer, arborist and owner of Top of the Tree KC, said the worst damage he saw from this latest storm was on the corner of Northeast Orchard Street and Florence Avenue.

That’s where Suzi Lucas lives with her 88-year-old mother.

“About 5 o’clock, the big wind… you could just hear it blowing by the windows and then a big ole boom!” said Lucas.

Lucas tried to go outside to see what had happened but couldn’t get out her front door.

“That’s when we figured out the tree split in half and fell on the house,” said Lucas.

She quickly called Thyer, who lives down the street.

"I think the storm hit at 5, I think I started getting phone calls about 5, 5:15,” said Thyer.

After this storm, he said his phone has been ringing off the hook. He said he took at least 35 calls just on Saturday.

He and his crew spent the day working to remove the large oak tree, but said it will take at least another day and a half before they can get it off the house and actually see the damage that was done.

"We just put on a new roof, just fixed the foundation, and now it’s all caved in. Got a hole in the roof in the living room. Hope it don't rain — we've got hardwood floors,” said Lucas.

Right now, Thyer said he is making Lucas his top priority.

"This is the worst I've seen. Any time you have a limb in a tree that's going through the house itself this size — this is an oak tree — you've got some serious damage. She's just lucky nobody got hit and nobody got killed,” said Thyer.

Lucas said she’s grateful everyone is OK and since the power came back on, will be staying in the home while it's being repaired.

"We're just going to say a few prayers and get started and fix it up again,” said Lucas.

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