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How crews are prepping for the winter weather

Posted at 7:45 AM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 09:00:31-05

MISSION, Kan. — When it comes to the winter weather, there's a lot that MoDOT and KDOT crews do to make sure everyone is safe on the roads. 

On Wednesday, MoDOT had its annual statewide snow drill. 

Both MoDOT and KDOT prepare for weeks before the snow hits, making sure all the equipment for anything snow- or ice-related is good to go. 

Trucks, mirrors, hydraulics, and cameras inside the trucks are just a few pieces of equipment crews check.

"Each winter is different. Each winter's unique," KDOT Highway Maintenance Supervisor Rick Looper said. "You know maintenance, equipment, we start early to make things tip-top."

Crews urge drivers to stay vigilant when on the roads, and slow down. 

"I've had many people pass me on the left-hand side as I'm plowing snow," Looper said. "If they wreck, I may not be able to slow down in time and this truck will cause some serious damage, if not death, and that's the last thing an equipment operator wants on their mind."

During a winter weather event, allow more than enough time to get to a destination, and give crews enough space to work and clear the roads.