Royals billboards: The old and a new one soon!

Posted at 9:17 AM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 10:17:28-05

The past two years have been such an amazing ride for Royals fans and the people of Kansas City.

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First in 2014, with the unforgettable Wild Card game, the unbelievable postseason run, and the oh-so-close World Championship.

Then in 2015, the anticipation of going all the way again, and the hope and fight to prove 2014 was not a fluke. And, of course, the incredible World Series win! We had the parade, the rally and crammed around Union Station with 799,999 of our closest friends.

For the past few years, something has happened well before Opening Day. It sets the tone – and excitement – for the season.

For the past few years, the Royals have worked with local advertising firm Walz Tetrick to come up with unforgettable ad campaigns that emulate the excitement of our team, the season, and the devotion of fans here in KC and beyond.

Walz Tetrick and its partners have created some very memorable billboards. They’ve chosen to work with Outfront Media each year for the actual billboard space as well as the production of the billboards. And for this year, the idea so wild and so perfect, they’ve partnered with a local set designer, Dave Connolly with Connolly Creative.

A look back at previous billboards

In 2013, it was James Shields and Salvador Perez – the ball moving so fast over the highway it ripped the billboard.

(Photo courtesy Walz Tetrick Advertising)

In 2014, it was Gordon sliding and taking the billboard vinyl with him.

(Photo courtesy Walz Tetrick Advertising)

While it’s hard to imagine something cooler than the ripping vinyl, the creative team one-upped themselves with a Jarrod Dyson speed billboard so realistic the local fire department fielded calls from concerned citizens that the billboard was actually ON FIRE. Cause that’s what speed do.

(Photo courtesy Walz Tetrick Advertising)

How in the world do you top that?

How in the world do you find a way to capture a long-overdue championship season that still brings goose bumps to the toughest of grown men?

How do you capture the indescribable love this city has for this team?

I can tell you, friends, they’ve done it. As I prepared to visit the warehouse where the team is working to create this masterpiece, I thought of all the things they could possibly do. I thought of all the things you’re likely thinking in your mind about what it COULD be.

I’ve seen the billboard, and it is better than your brain can even let you imagine.

It’s perfection. It’s Kansas City. It’s….Royal!!!!

And I can’t wait to share it with you soon.


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