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'I always had my eye to the sky': KC couple wed during 2017 solar eclipse prepares for Monday

Samantha and Cameron Kuhn on their wedding day in 2017 during a solar eclipse
Posted at 8:16 PM, Apr 05, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local couple will be celebrating a memory on Monday and will join the rest of the nation in anticipation of the solar eclipse.

Seven years ago, St. Joseph was in the path of a total eclipse.

That was where Samantha and Cameron Kuhn got married just minutes before the sky went dark.

"It was just the contrast, you know. "We’re all excited, we’re all talking and whispering, and then the darkness comes, and we’re all quiet, and just taking all this in," Samantha Kuhn said.

Samantha Kuhn got married to her husband, Cameron, in 2017 during the Solar Eclipse.

She's fascinated with astronomy and so being able to experience this rare event on such an important day in her life makes it even more special.

"Spiritually, you know, I just was thankful that I was able to utilize this opportunity for a special moment between my husband and I, and all our family and friends," Kuhn said.

There was an obvious theme for the couple's wedding.

Samantha dyed her hair the different colors of the galaxy, including purples, pinks and blues to match her wedding day shoes.

Guests got solar eclipse sunglasses to help remember the day.

Seven years and one child later, Samantha's learning a deeper message to the eclipse.

It's taught her just how fast time moves.

Pictures of the family, including Samantha and Cameron's son, Soren.

"Marriage is beautiful and wonderful, you know, challenging at times, but in that time we’ve just grown so much closer," she said. "Maybe I need to slow down and look forward to those small events all the time, not just a solar eclipse."

Especially with a future astronaut of her own.

Samantha, her three-year-old son, Soren, and her parents are traveling to Cape Girardeau this weekend to see the eclipse in totality Monday.

Her husband, Cameron, can't make the trip because of work.

"I hope that Soren’s able to get excited about it too on Monday," Kuhn said.