Authorities warn homeowners of 'transient merchants'

Look out for home repair scams

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - The Johnson County District Attorney is warning homeowners to be on the look out for "transient merchants."

Construction crews have wasted little time cleaning up the aftermath of Monday night's storms.

Mindy Holmes, who lives in the Steeplechase neighborhood in Leawood, said workers began knocking on her door an hour after the storm passed through.

"It's kind of scary. We've had a lot of different people come by and ask to take down our trees," Holmes said.

One couple, Holmes said, asked if they could remove a tree that came down in her front yard for a $500 fee.

In a press release, Steve Howe, the Johnson County DA, warned homeowners about who to hire and who to avoid. 

"The business should provide a verifiable local phone number and address. Out-of-state vehicle tags and unmarked vehicles are often indications of transient merchants who travel to storm-damaged areas, collect money for repair services, and then leave the area before completing any of the promised repairs. Transient merchants are required to obtain a special license to conduct business in Johnson County. If a contractor cannot produce the required registration information, residents should take their business elsewhere."



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