Bump stocks out of stock in Kansas City metro area

No stores report having device Vegas shooter used

CLAYCOMO, Mo. - New calls to ban a device called a "bump stock" authorities say the Las Vegas shooter used to fire more bullets is getting mixed reviews.

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"Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse is gone," said firearms trainer Don Pind.

Bump stocks work by taking the back part of the rifle, or stock, off and replacing it with the device.

The action of the gun sliding back and forth in the stock from the recoil causes the shooter to pull the trigger more quickly.

A 2014 YouTube video shows the bump stock in action.

In the video, the shooter demonstrating the bump stock says, "It did take a little bit of adjustment in the loading of the mechanism to get it to slide smoothly, but once we got it was working pretty well for us."

Investigators say the Las Vegas shooter used rifles with bump stocks to fire more bullets more quickly.

Pind told 41 Action News the shooter would've had to practice with the device to fire as many rounds as he did.

He also says Show Me Shooters Indoor Range in Claycomo, Missouri stopped selling them about two years ago.

"Everyone that we sold them to probably half of them brought them back, so we quit handling them," Pind said.

The 41 Action News Investigators spoke to more than a dozen metro firearms stores and found only one had a few bump stocks.

The owner, who didn't wish to be identified, said the devices sold out quickly after public discussion of banning them.

Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder from Kansas supports regulating or banning bump stocks.

So does Congressman Emanuel Cleaver who's co-sponsoring a bill to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of bump stocks.

Cleaver released the following statement:

I am in favor of commonsense gun safety reforms like closing the "no-fly, no-buy" terrorist gun loophole and preventing people from being able to convert semi-automatic weapons to automatic weapons.

The Kansas State Rifle Association opposes it stating it "won't save a single life."

While Show Me Shooters doesn't sell bump stocks, Pind says the store is getting calls from people now looking to buy them.

Pind told 41 Action News despite the new demand, the store won't sell them because of what happened in Las Vegas.

He also says a ban wouldn't hurt the business because the store doesn't sell them.

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