Exploding truck tires damage man's truck 3 times in 8 months

Last incident captured on video
Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 23:35:27-04
Alex Anderson has had his vehicle hit by exploding truck tires three times in a roughly eight-month period.
He captured the most recent incident on video.
"Oh [expletive], not again," Anderson says in the video as the tire hits his vehicle on May 31.
The video shows a dump truck heading in the opposite direction from Anderson on the highway when the tire explodes and hits Anderson's vehicle.
"Third time, third time, I'm incredulous, I guess the car is a magnet for damage," Anderson said.
The first time a truck tire exploded and hit Anderson's vehicle was last September. Records he provided show there was more than $750 in damage.
"It hit under here," Anderson said as he pointed to the lower front bumper of his vehicle. "And I felt it jump, but I just kept right on going. Then as we were coming home, the whole thing fell off," he said.
Anderson's second encounter with a truck tire came last February. Records show there was more than $1,000 worth of damage that time.
He sent us pictures which included one of the driver's side front wheel frame missing.
"This had to be replaced and this piece right here," Anderson said as he showed us the tire frame.
"It's not a frequent thing. We do get it every now and then, so it does happen," said Scott Benson of DeMasters Insurance.
He says if you're hit by a truck tire, ideally you need to follow the driver and get insurance information or at least a license plate number. Otherwise, if you have collision insurance, minus the deductible, you'll be covered for damages.
"If you don't have collision, unfortunately you probably won't be covered and it's something you have to pay for out of pocket," Benson said.
Anderson paid $200 out of pocket for his deductible for his first truck tire encounter. His insurance covered the rest.
His insurance, minus a $250 deductible, covered the second time.
After the May incident, Anderson chased down the dump truck driver and took his insurance information. However, at last check, the driver's insurance company has not checked Anderson's vehicle for damages he estimates at several hundred dollars.
"The insurance company says we're still trying to figure out who's at fault," Anderson said. "Well the video clearly shows who's at fault. When I talked to the truck driver, he was like, 'Oh well this is just road damage and there's nothing we can do about it.' Wait a minute, this is your vehicle," Anderson said.
Anderson told the 41 Action News Investigators he set up a camera in his vehicle to record any problems he might have on the road. As a result, he was able to capture the the truck tire explosion on video.

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