Man who killed son and fed his body to pigs wants to reverse his guilty plea and have jury trial

If granted, grandmother hopes for stiffer sentence

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The 41 Action News Investigators have learned Adrian Jones's father plans to head back to court to ask for a jury trial.

In May, after pleading guilty to murdering his 7-year-old son, Michael Jones was sentenced to life in prison.

Because he took a plea deal, Jones will be eligible for parole in 25 years. 

But now, Jones is expected to head back to court much earlier. 

He's scheduled to appear before a judge on Friday, Nov. 3. 

41 Action News Investigators confirmed with the Wyandotte County District Court that Jones will be asking a judge to change his original guilty plea to not guilty.

Even though he's already been convicted, Jones will ask for a jury trial.

In November 2015, Adrian's partial remains were found in a pig sty at the home where he lived with his father and stepmother, Heather Jones, in Kansas City, Kansas.  The couple had fed the child's remains to the pigs.

Records show the couple abused Adrian for years.

Adrian was finally buried on Oct. 21.

Judy Conway, Adrian's grandmother, said his funeral gave her some closure.

On Friday, when the 41 Action News Investigators informed her Jones will be asking for a trial, Conway said she was shocked, but that she welcomes it.

"I'm so dumbfounded by it, I can't understand it," Conway said. "I would like to see him again, face to face, and maybe get some answers to some questions I've had for the past two years."

Since Adrian's death, Conway has publicly fought for justice for her grandson.

When Michael Jones and Heather Jones took plea deals, Conway said she was disappointed with the terms.

"When he got life in prison with the chance of parole after 25 years it really hurt," Conway said. 

If Jones is granted a jury trial, Conway hopes for the verdict she's always wanted.

"Life with no chance of parole," she said. "That's what I've always wanted this whole entire time."

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