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Kara Kopetsky's ex-boyfriend pleads guilty in choking case involving new pregnant girlfriend

Posted at 1:32 PM, Sep 06, 2011
and last updated 2020-01-03 07:05:52-05

The 22-year-old ex-boyfriend of Kara Kopetsky pleaded guilty Tuesday to a domestic violence charge amid allegations he choked his six-month pregnant girlfriend unconscious, and killed kittens.

In a police report obtained by the NBC Action News Investigators, the victim claims Yust told her during the attack that he’d killed others.

“I’ve killed people before, even ex-girlfriends out of sheer jealousy,” the victim told police Yust said. “I will kill you.”

The victim’s mother told police Yust told her he knew “where there were pigs that would eat anything including bones, that he had seen arms ripped off people while they were still alive and he had seen people dropped in barrels of acid to destroy evidence.”

Yust’s ex-girlfriend, Kara Kopetsky disappeared from Belton High School in the middle of the school day in 2007.

Shortly before her disappearance she filed a restraining order against Yust.

Kopetsky hasn’t been seen since.

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 The police report indicates the attack on the new girlfriend happened at a south Kansas City apartment where the two lived around midnight July 22nd or July 23rd.

 The victim in the recent case, an 18-year-old Lee's Summit woman, told police Yust choked her, pulled out her hair, struck her, and threatened her.

 "If you scream again, I will kill you, faster than you can let another scream out of your throat," the police report quoted the victim.

The victim told police Yust also killed three kittens.

"Yust was holding the kitten in his hands," the victim told police. "He began to slam the kitten on the floor repeatedly."

The woman told police Yust killed her two other kittens by placing them in a tied sack and throwing them in the river.

“He said the kittens didn’t deserve to live,” the woman told police Yust said.

Yust did not comment on the allegations outside the courtroom.

In 2007, the Yust acknowledged he was treated as a suspect in the Kopetsky case.

Police said he had an alibi and passed a lie detector test.

A judge ordered a restraining order against Yust when Kopetsky claimed he choked her, kidnapped her, and threatened to slit her throat.

Belton detectives have not responded to calls asking how the woman’s claims that Yust had killed “ex-girlfriend’s out of sheer jealousy” might affect the investigation into Kopetsky’s disappearance.

Yust appeared in court without an attorney and agreed to plead guilty in order to avoid jail time.

Yust agreed to a two year probation plea deal that requires him to attend a batterer prevention program and to have no contact with the victim.

"As far as your concerned, she doesn't exist anymore," Kansas City Municipal Court Judge Leonard Hughes III said in court. "Leave her alone."

 The judge told Yust the plea deal was a "gift from the justice system."

"Next time you come down here, you're getting a broken arm," Hughes told Yust.  "You're going to jail son."

If Yust successfully completes probation, he will not spend time in jail.

Editor's note:  In some police reports Yust's name is spelled Kylr Yust while in others he is identified as Kyler Yust.