OSHA report reveals 2 hospitalized after 2002 explosion at MGP Ingredients

MGP's past includes 2 explosions
Posted at 6:01 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 23:29:56-04

The 41 Action News investigators have found the company where a chemical leak took place Friday has a history of dangerous incidents that have caused injuries. 

For people who live in Atchison, they woke up to the sounds of sirens Friday. Upon looking outside, it appeared thick fog was covering the air. In reality, it was two chemicals that leaked from MGP Ingredients.

Residents were told to leave town. If that wasn't an option, health officials urged them to stay inside with their windows closed and furnace shut off.

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Many people were sent to the hospital.

In February, an explosion took place at MGP Ingredients. The blow was strong enough to knock down a wall at one of its warehouses.

While no one was hurt in that incident, that wasn't the case in another explosion that took place in 2002.

A report from Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows two construction workers were sent to the hospital with burns after alcohol vapors escaped through a manhole and burst into flames.

Investigators discovered the manhole was left open when it should've been closed.

Investigators also revealed MGP Ingredients had no policies or procedures in place at the time of the explosion to check the manholes.

OSHA found 12 serious and two unclassified violations when looking into the explosion.

MGP Ingredients was initially fined $106,000 in the incident. Although, that was eventually reduced to $40,000.

Investigators haven't determined if MGP Ingredients will be fined in this most recent incident.



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