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'It’s not the end,' Crossroads resident, KC Tenant volunteer after voters said no to stadiums sales tax

Crossroads resident Sarah Deeder explains why she loves her community.
Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 04, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Voters said no to a stadiums sales tax in Tuesday's election and while the Royals and Chiefs are disappointed, others were ecstatic with the proposal's failure at the polls.

Crossroads District resident Sarah Deeder lives 344 feet from where a new Royals stadium would have been built and she can point to the proposed site outside her apartment window.

Deeder campaigned against the stadium sales tax with members of KC Tenants, a local activist group. While Deeder campaigned with KC Tenants, her opinions are not necessarily those of KC Tenants.

The result Tuesday night brought Deeder to tears.

"Small businesses and people that aren’t wealthy normally don’t win," Deeder said.

She's preparing for what comes next.

Sarah Deeder lives in the Crossroads and is a KC Tenants volunteer.

"It’d probably take a lot in this area, honestly, with the way that they handled it last time," Deeder said. "But I’m open to other areas as well."

One of the areas Deeder thinks would work for the club and the community is a site in the East Village, a location the Royals considered to build their new stadium.

"I think in the East Village, that area is underdeveloped, I think it would be better," Deeder said. "I think they would need to commit more of their dollars to that project."

Deeder said she's not anti-Royals or Chiefs, but is pro-resident.

"If they do choose another area where they’re doing the same thing, pushing out small businesses, you know, putting people out of their homes, and trying to pull what they pulled here, then I will be right there fighting them again," Deeder said.

Her mission is to keep the spirit of her community alive and continue to be proud to show off places that make the Crossroads unique.

"As much as this has divided, I think, the greater Jackson County community, it has in a sense brought some of us together in the Crossroads closer," Deeder said.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to more clearly indicate that Deeder's opinions are not necessarily those of KC Tenants.