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Jackson County approves property tax relief for seniors beginning in 2024

Plan implements new Missouri state law
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Posted at 4:45 PM, Sep 18, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Certain homeowners in Jackson County, Missouri, are eligible for relief on their property taxes beginning in 2024.

The county's legislature voted 8-0 Monday to approve Ordinance 5787. Legislator Charlie Franklin abstained from the vote.

The ordinance implements sections of Missouri Senate Bill 190, which took effect Aug. 28. The law basically freezes property taxes for qualifying seniors.

Next year, Jackson County residents who are eligible for social security retirement benefits can apply for a tax credit to help cover any increase in their property tax bill.

Most Americans are eligible for social security at age 62, but some teachers, firefighters and railroad employees do not pay into social security and are not eligible for this tax credit.

The tax credit applies to a property owner’s primary residence. The residence must have a market value of less than $550,000 at the time the owner applies for the credit.

The law is not retroactive. As in, people who are currently over the age of 62 cannot get tax credits for previous years of property tax payments.

The county will spend the rest of the year installing procedures for the new ordinances. The application window will end April 30 each year.

“[Seniors] have been here all their lives,” said property owner Michelle Markowitz. “They’re older and they’ve done so much for Kansas City, made it the lovely place it is. They should get to stay for sure.”

Another property owner, Latrice Madden, praised the bill. She said older members of her family often worry about being able to afford their taxes and remain in their homes.

“We want the seniors to be able to stay in their homes as well,” Madden said. “There’s a lot of memories in the homes.”

Last week the county legislature rejected a separate proposal (Ordinance 5774) which would have implemented the tax relief in 2023.

County staff members told legislators there wasn’t enough time to implement the law for this year. Tax bills are sent to property owners in mid-November.