JCCC considering lower mill levy rate this year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Johnson County Community College is considering a lower mill levy rate.

The board started working on the budget last year. Member Greg Musil said, "We decided at that time to plan on rolling the mill levy back, reducing the tax levy by point one mil." Now, the levy could go from 9.473 to 9.223 if approved. Musil says that could save Johnson County property owners $2 to $3 million.

"Tried to help the students by keeping their tuition flat for three years. Now, we're trying to make sure we help property taxpayers," Musil added.

The timing could be a relief for homeowners and business owners. Property values are up in Johnson County, which means property taxes are up too, "Especially in the northeast part of the county," according to county appraiser Paul Welcome.

This year, 6,500 people appealed their home values. Welcome said the county will be 75 to 80 percent done with appeals by the end of this week. Right now, about half of the appeals are successful.

If the proposed JCCC levy decrease becomes reality, it's still not all good news. Musil said, "Under our proposal, the taxes on a single-family home, the average single-family home in Johnson County would go up $11 so there'll still be an increase."



Meanwhile, 7,500 to 10,000 people are still moving to the area every year.

"People want to live in Johnson County, and that's great," Welcome said.

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