Judge grants appeal hearing for Kansas City man who says he's wrongly imprisoned for murder

Posted at 3:27 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 19:23:58-05

A Kansas City man who says he’s wrongly imprisoned for a 1996 double murder will get to argue his case in court. Jackson County Judge Sandra Midkiff granted an appeal hearing Tuesday morning for Ricky Kidd that is scheduled to begin on July 17.  Kidd says his former public defender failed to investigate evidence that he says proves his innocence.

As 41 Action News investigated, Missouri’s attorney general’s office opposes Kidd’s release, despite Kansas City police commissioner Alvin Brooks telling us he re-examined the murders and believes Kidd is innocent.  

After a judge decided to grant Kidd an appeal hearing, 41 Action News tried to talk to Missouri’s assistant attorney general, Michael Spillane, about why the state is fighting Kidd’s appeal. 

Ex-prosecutor fighting state

Former Jackson County prosecuting attorney Cindy Dodge told 41 Action News she looked into the murders and changed her mind about the case.

“Ricky Kidd is serving life sentences for crimes he didn’t commit,” said Dodge.

Dodge is representing Kidd for free in the appeal process to try to release him from prison.  Dodge said not only does Kidd have an alibi, the evidence shows who actually committed the murders.

“There is one of the perpetrators that is still running around in the community,” Dodge said.

Final chance for freedom

July’s appeal hearing is Kidd’s last chance at freedom, since no politicians are helping him. 

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“Not the Jackson County prosecutor’s office, not the attorney general’s office, not the governor, the previous governor, has stepped up to the plate, really given this a hard look and said, ‘Hey, we may have gotten this wrong,’” Dodge said.



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