Aftermath: Residents of burned building get help

Posted at 8:15 AM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 19:43:07-05

More than a dozen people have been displaced after a fire engulfed an apartment building early Friday morning.

Firefighters were called to an apartment fire at 2660 Lockridge Ave. One of the battalion chiefs on the scene said the back of the structure had partially collapsed and the roof had caved in. The front of the building collapsed just before 8 a.m.

Some residents evacuated the building without shoes, and some reportedly jumped out of the building to escape the fire. 

One resident's story

Jessica Ryan told 41 Action News that what saved her was knowing exactly how to find the stairs through the darkness of thick smoke. 

"I cried. I cried because I lost my pictures. I cried because I lost my turtle. I cried because we basically lost everything," Ryan said.

Still, Ryan says she's better off than most of her fellow residents. Her fiance's boss is paying for hotel accommodations, while others are offering help.

"We've got a couple of friends that are helping out to get us clothing. They want to get us food. They're going to be sending canned goods like soups and stuff," Ryan said. "I mainly feel bad for those who don't have a contingency plan. The ones who really don't know where they're going to go."

The building

There were six units in this apartment building with 10 to 14 people living inside.  Most of them lost everything they have. Two people from the apartment building next door were also displaced.

The Red Cross is assisting those displaced by the fire. The organization said it has enough resources to help all the victims. If you'd still like to help, you can make monetary donations to the American Red Cross, or you can make clothing donations by contacting the local Salvation Army.

Continuing coverage: KCMO apartment building 'a total loss'

At least two people were transported from the scene by paramedics. Sarah Plake interviewed a woman who was inside the building when the fire started. 

She also interviewed a woman who came to the scene to help her friends after they called and said their building was on fire.