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Kansas City-area nonprofit hosts vaccination event, offers incentives for children 12 and older

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Posted at 5:29 PM, May 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-22 18:29:23-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo — Many organizations in the Kansas City area continue to play vital roles in the vaccine roll out.

On Saturday, Community Builders of Kansas City hosted its seventh, and last event for the first round of the Pfizer vaccine.

Community Relations Manager, DaRon McGee, said the group has administered over eight thousand vaccinations so far.

“So we know currently about 70% of our overall population still needs to be vaccinated, and amongst our children, that's even higher amongst our population," McGee said. "So kids need to be vaccinated so we're trying to provide that opportunity.”

He hopes community outreach like this will help bridge the gap.

“We’re providing an extra incentive. We're giving out free zoo tickets for kids and we're giving an incentive for parents, we're giving our free $35 gift cards to Sun Fresh grocery store as well," McGee said.

Many young adults like Anni Werner Pelofsky rolled up their sleeves and braved through the nerves Saturday.

Pelofsky said she is getting her vaccine because she wants to be safe for others. For her mother, Lisa Pelofsky, it was a moment of relief.

“You know, no kid is excited about getting a needle or any kind of shot, but once I saw her get it, I felt like it was a life saver,” Lisa Pelofsky said.

Lisa Pelofsky said for her, the evidence is clear: it is less risky to get the vaccine than it is to get COVID-19.

“The pandemic has taken a huge toll on our lifestyle and on our health. It has taken many many lives from us, people we love, we lost. It’s time for us to get ahead of this disease,” Lisa Pelofsky said.

For community member, Kimberly Randolph, she is optimistic about the option for parents to decide. She hopes everyone who is eligible will follow suit.

“I think if your dogs can get it, surely your kids can get it,” Randolph said. “Don’t be scared, your parents have had it, your teachers… We want you to have it so you can live a normal life and enjoy it as well.”