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Kansas City Chiefs mural on fan's house ordered to come down in Kansas City, Kansas

Unified Government says mural violates city codes
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Posted at 8:40 PM, Mar 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 16:28:27-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chris Chancey is a huge Chiefs fan living in Kansas City, Kansas and wanted to do something to commemorate the big Super Bowl win in 2020.

So after his wife's approval, he decided to paint a large Chiefs mural on the side of his house.

"Took me about 60 hours to complete from start to finish, labor of love, that’s what I like to do, I love to painting so I’ve been in it for a while," Chancey said.

Now months after completion, Chancey said it's been an attraction in the neighborhood.

"People come by still everyday and snap pictures or wave whenever I’m outside so its nice it’s brings this little community together it seems to me," he said.

But this mural is not getting a lot of praise from the city who sent Chancey a letter asking him to remove the painting.

The city says installing an illuminated mural sign on the property in a residential district violates city codes. The city told Chancey he must take it down by the end of the month.

"It upset me, it’s disappointing when the city can tell you what to do with your own property and your own house," Chancey said.

"I couldn’t believe it just with everything going on and I looked at it as a piece of celebration art not actually a signage or anything bad," Chris' wife, Christie Chancey, said.

While Chancey admits the sign was illuminated during Chiefs games, the lights have been out ever since the Superbowl in Feb.

Neighbors 41 Action News spoke with didn't mind the mural.

"I think its a nice looking mural, there’s nothing wrong with it," neighbor Tom Fortner said.

41 Action News reached out to the Unified Government and received this statement:

"Fans can all agree this Chiefs mural is awesome! Unfortunately, murals, including awesome ones like this, are not allowed in residential (R1) areas per the City’s Code of Ordinances.”
Unified Government

"I just assumed it was art instead of just a sign, it didn’t have any verbage on it or anything like that," Chancey said.

He told 41 Action News he'll comply with the order but the mural may live on.

"There’s a gentleman that’s a friend of mine who’s been teasing me about purchasing it and replacing it and fixing it all," Chancey said.