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Kansas City family thanks God after 4-year-old survives shooting

Posted: 6:28 PM, Jun 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-13 23:28:42Z

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City family is thanking providence a 4-year-old boy survived after being hit by a stray bullet on Southern Hills Drive.

Alijah Jones is back home recovering, in the same place a bullet flew through the living room, hitting his arm.

This happened a few weeks after his grandmother, who he lives with, launched a Christian television program called Wisdom Speaks.

Wisdom Williams was born into a tough life.

"My mother used drugs intravenously. At five years old, she handed me a cigarette and a can of beer," said Williams, who says she has been in God’s grace the past 19 years. “I said, 'I’ll try this Jesus. What must I do?'"

It’s Williams’ faith that has gotten her through the past weekend.

Jones’ siblings sprang into action, calling Williams down.

"I helped my grandmother get a washcloth that was wet, and I wrapped it around him with pressure,” said 11-year-old Alayla Seever, Jones’ sister.

Williams said her 5-year-old grandchild is the one who called her down and told her Alijah was in danger.

She said God has spoken to her about starting outreach ministry.

“It will be called the Alijah Project, geared towards educating people about the ramifications, the results, the consequences of their actions,” said Williams.

She will have an upcoming sermon about keeping the faith.

“He didn’t say, 'I would be your shelter from the storm.' He said, 'I would be your shelter in the storm,'" said Williams.

Organizations that would like to contact Wisdom Speaks to help with the Alijah Project can do so at

Wisdom Speaks is on the Trinity Broadcasting Network Saturday at 1 p.m.