Kansas City making it to the big screen

Posted at 4:46 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 18:32:27-04

Tuesday filmmakers from Los Angeles were hard a work at Union Station bringing Kansas City to the big screen. The writer and one of the lead actors in the film is St. Joseph native Paul Piercy.

"These are my words on a page a few months ago and now I have someone putting makeup on my face to say those words on a page in Union Station in Kansas City with all of these amazing directors and actors and all this help it's just, a dream," said Piercy.

The film is called "Big Muddy," and it is about two estranged brothers who take a trip down the Missouri River together.

Also in the film is actor Brian Thomas Smith, who plays one of Penny’s ex-boyfriends on the show “The Big Bang Theory.”

“Growing up in St. Louis and the script takes place here in Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri I was like, 'oh I get to go home for a little while. This is going to be great'," said Smith.

Kansas City is doing its part to get more people to film here in the heart of America. There are currently 17 films being produced with Kansas City as a back drop. For Piercy, he wants to bring the metro to the world and help get more movies to take place in Kansas City.

“The fact that the most important story I can tell take place in the places that I love and the people that are awesome is just perfect," said Smith.



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