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Kansas City metro groups work to keep people experiencing homelessness safe

KC winter weather resources
Posted at 6:12 PM, Feb 14, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City metro is experiencing dangerously cold temperatures. However, that's not stopping one organization from helping people experiencing homelessness.

Luke Banks is a member of the member of the Kansas City Homeless Union and has experienced homelessness for four years, enduring dangerous weather before.

"I don't have to be homeless right now, but you know what, this is my calling to help people and this is what I’m going to do until the job is done," Banks said.

Banks feels so passionate about helping others, he's even sacrificed his own well being.

"I was the first one over off of 18th and Vine to find the first man this here winter frozen solid," Banks said. "I lost my thumbs. It was about this bad last winter, and it's getting ready to worse tomorrow. My two thumbs are artificial from the middle up. I have artificial flesh in my thumbs due to the fact of me helping the homeless people out and I won't stop."

Banks isn't alone in helping those in need.

The Midwest Homeless Collective was out Sunday, providing people who needed assistance with tents, food and blankets.

Amanda Eisenmann, who works with the organization, had one mission for Sunday -- "just get as many people off the streets as possible into safety and warmth."

41 Action News compiled a list of resources for anyone needing help in the dangerous temperature.