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Kansas City personal trainers featured in Amazon Prime docuseries

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 08:27:04-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The gym is more than a place to work out for Diana and Micah LaCerte. The Kansas City, Missouri, couple practically live, eat and sleep at the gym.

"For me, (the gym) totally changed my life,” Diana said.

The story of Diana and Micah is part of a docuseries highlighting gym culture now available to stream on Amazon Prime. The series is called "Access MUSCLE: The Gym Culture."

“What I think the coolest thing about this film is that it just shows no matter what your age is, no matter what your race is, no matter what your fitness level is, the gym is a place that is so inclusive and can bring all of these people together for something common,” Diana said.

Micah founded a transformation gym called Hitch Fit, which has locations in Parkville and Kansas City, Missouri.

He said it was amazing to be included in a documentary that also features some of the weightlifting icons he idolized.

“You see Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and Sylvester Stallone and Cher and Sheena Easton and all these people, and then we’re sitting in there and giving our motivation and inspiration as well,” Micah said.

The documentary is more than 90 minutes long. It is part of a series that will highlight aspects of weightlifting and fitness. This first installment focuses on how gyms and fitness equipment evolved.

“What you’ll see throughout the documentary is (the gym) was a place, almost like a sanctuary, for a lot of people and saving their lives,” Micah said. “People had gone through massive abuse, or people had gone through these tough things, and they were using weights and using those relationships they made within the gym to essentially save their lives or change their lives.”

The producer of the series, Alex Ardenti, said Micah and Diana will be featured in the second and third installments of Access MUSCLE, which are due to hit Amazon in early 2021. They focus on female fitness and personal training.

The first episode ends with the story of the LaCertes. It is available to stream on Amazon now. Click here for more information.