Kansas City post office apologizes after veterans with service dogs were asked to leave

Posted: 9:31 PM, Feb 08, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-09 16:53:11Z

Two veterans are upset after they said they were not allowed inside a Kansas City post office location because they have service dogs.

One veteran, who asked to not be named, was unable to pick up his package on Tuesday at the location inside Union Station. 

The employees told him he needed a tag on his dog or documentation to prove he needed the animal. He left without retrieving his package.

"This is a service animal, this is not a pet," he said in a video he took of the incident.

On Wednesday, fellow veteran and friend Michael Poland experienced the same incident. 

"This is wrong, this is so wrong," Poland said. "And people need to know."

Poland came to the post office to mail a letter, but when he got to the desk, he was asked to leave.

"I tried to explain the ADA laws to her and it made no difference, she asked me to leave," he said. 

41 Action News reached out to the Postal Service about the incident. 

Spokeswoman Stacey St. John said the employee made an error and customers with service dogs are allowed inside without showing proof. The Postal Service sent out a reminder of its policies to its employees following Wednesday's incident. 

After asking for a supervisor, Poland said the employees apologized and helped him get his letter mailed.

He's sharing his experience to educate others.

"I was very hurt. I served my country proudly," he said. "I have issues. I have PTSD. I have a dog that helps me get out and do things, and then when I confront somebody like this, it's hard, its very hard."



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