KCPS cancels Lone Jack games over racial slurs

Posted at 9:41 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 19:00:37-04

Racial slurs have prompted Kansas City Public Schools to cancel all future games with Lone Jack schools.

The school district said it happened last week during a soccer match between Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and Lone Jack. Students from Lincoln reported hearing fans use racial slurs toward them during the match.

KCPS said according to the Lincoln Prep coach, the Lone Jack coach took steps to stop the inappropriate comments. Lone Jack officials told KCPS that they have not verified any cases of Lone Jack students using racial slurs or making inappropriate comments. 

Because of that, the school district has decided to cancel all future sporting events with Lone Jack through 2016.

"These types of incidents and allegations are taken very seriously. While it’s expected that people will show pride in their home teams, extra-curricular activities like sports are an extension of classrooms, and every student has the right to participate in a safe and respectful atmosphere regardless of their allegiance," KCPS said in a statement.

The Lone Jack School District released the following statement:

"The Lone Jack School District takes very seriously the importance of promoting racial harmony. After complaints were received from the Lincoln Prep Soccer Coach, our administrative staff conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations. That investigation included interviews with coaches, players, game officials, game supervisors, students, and fans. After an exhaustive investigation the Lone Jack administrative staff has found no evidence that any such incident took place. The Lone Jack District is saddened to learn that someone at one of our events felt uncomfortable. Disrespectful conduct will not be tolerated at our events. The Lone Jack School District remains committed to promoting a safe and positive environment for all of our patrons and guests."