Ohio gorilla death sends visitors to KC Zoo

Posted at 6:03 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 19:21:10-04

Visitors at the Kansas City Zoo paid special attention to the gorilla exhibit after a Silverback Gorilla had to be killed at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The gorillas at the Kansas City Zoo had a lot of visitors on Memorial Day. Some were there to enjoy the extra day off, while others wanted to see the zoo’s gorillas after hearing about Harambe, a gorilla in Cincinnati that was killed after a 4-year-old boy got into the exhibit.

Courtney Coleman brought children to the zoo and questioned how the child got so close to the gorilla.

“I would say, 'How did the child get in there? Where was the mama at?'” Coleman questioned.

Zoo officials in Cincinnati held a press conference on Monday afternoon. Zoo Director Zane Maynard said the death of Harambe is a difficult loss but stands by the action of their emergency response team.

“We did not take the shooting lightly; but that child’s life was in danger,” Maynard said.

On social media, people have been very opinionated. Many were thankful that the child was not seriously hurt. Others signed a petition calling for authorities to hold the parents responsible for Harambe’s death.

Cincinnati police have responded to the petition, saying it was a tragic accident and the mother will not be charged.