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Kansas Supreme Court rules woman's right to choose

Posted at 4:00 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 18:50:51-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday, the state constitution gives a woman the right to choose if she wants to get an abortion. A landmark decision from the Kansas Supreme Court sent shock waves through the pro-life community.

"What their decision does, it could invalidate every pro-life law we have,” Kansans for Life's Mary Kay Culp said.

In 2017 the court heard arguments on S.B 95, a law that would restrict the abortion procedure used in the second trimester of pregnancy.

The high court ruled 6-1 Friday, saying the state constitution gives a woman the right to an abortion.

Reaction to the decision was swift. Statements from Sen. Jerry Moran (R - Kansas), down to local leaders, said the decision amounted to “judicial overreach” and the court made a “political statement."

"This ruling from the Kansas Supreme Court sends a message to women that they are full and equal citizens under the Kansas constitution,” Rachel Sweet, at Planned Parenthood Great Plains, said.

What’s unclear however, is how the ruling affects abortion provisions that are already on the books.

“We want to do this right, we want to get this thing amended," Culp said. "It takes two-thirds of the house, two-thirds of the senate and doesn’t need the governors' signature, but that is just to get on the ballot."

Johnson County Rep. Stephanie Clayton is pro-choice. Clayton used to be a Republican but currently serves as a Democrat.

"I would hope, if nothing else, again in the unlikely event that this amendment goes on the ballot, it will go on the ballot during the election that has the highest turnout, when most Kansans can express their opinion,” Clayton said.

Kansas lawmakers return to Topeka next week.