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KC legislator sponsors ‘hands up’ bill in Missouri

Posted at 12:24 PM, Mar 07, 2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City-area representative wants to make it illegal for police to shoot suspects who are “surrendering.”

Missouri Rep. Brandon Ellington (D – 22nd District) filled HB 1086 this week.

Ellington said a suspect who has put his hands up should be considered to be surrendering and therefore not be shot by police.

“Police shootings are undercounted. Although recent reform and training efforts have worked to bring down police shootings, the US Justice Department has moved away from these reforms.,” Ellington said in a release. "It’s up to the states to take action, and I believe this bill will serve as a deterrent.”

The legislation calls for police officers who shoot surrendering suspects to be charged with a Class A felony if the person dies from the shooting.

A timetable for the bill’s consideration was not announced.