KC Parks and Rec crews prepare for Fountain Day

Posted at 4:47 AM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 08:28:53-04

In a city overflowing with pride and fountains, Pat McNamara and his crew are tasked with getting 48 of the Kansas City’s more than 200 fountains ready for Fountain Day KC.

The fountains were turned off in November, but prepping for this yearly tradition has been ongoing. 

“Starts right when we shut them down the year before,” Pat McNamara of KC Parks and Rec tells 41 Action News.  “We do a lot of repairs throughout the season.”

Fountain Day KC is a tradition lifelong residents like Jack Selzer have really come to appreciate. He rides his bike at least twice a week past the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain. 

“This is not the Trevi Fountain, but it’s the 2nd best fountain in the world," said Selzer. "This is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. We’re so fortunate to have it in Kansas City.”

There is a “cash flow” associated with keeping the fountains flowing. The city spends thousands every year for this.

Money well spent if you ask Selzer. “And they’re all beautiful. We need to maintain them, take care of them and just appreciate them.”






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