KCK child disappears; no search initiated

Posted at 7:44 PM, Nov 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-30 20:44:48-05

 The investigation surrounding a 7-year-old Kansas City, Kansas boy has many wondering how a child could disappear without anyone noticing or looking for him.

Martha Gershun, Executive Director for CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates for children, says its easier than you might think.

"A child would normally come in contact with mandated reporters like, teachers, doctors and pastors if they are going to school and a part of a greater community."

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But Gershun added that if that's not the case, abuse can easily go undetected.

"When a family decides to be isolated and turn inward it’s very difficult for the people around them to see it quickly and see it in time to make a difference," said Gershun.

A situation that has unfortunately, happened several times in the Kansas City metro.

In 2001, someone found 3-year-old Precious Doe's dismembered body in a field.  The child was later identified as Erica Green. A jury convicted her mom and step dad of her murder.

In 2012, investigators found 10 year-old L.P. locked in a closet and starving; her mother and her mother's boyfriend were charged with child abuse.

And now, A.J.- both KCK police and the Kansas Missing and Unsolved Organization confirm no one has filed a missing person report on A.J.'s behalf.

"If you're worried about the safety of children; don't just be outraged. Do something." Greshun added. "If more families reached out to help people who are in crisis we would see fewer children in these terrible circumstances."

The Wyandotte County prosecutor says they are still investigating A.J's case and more charges are possible.


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