KCK woman recounts roof falling in during storm

KANSAS CITY, Kans, - Saturday night a storm whipped through the Stony Point neighborhood in Kansas City, Kansas.

Sunday morning people who live there assessed the damage, working with chainsaws to remove massive trees from houses and cars.

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“It sounded like a train,” said Anthony Davis while he cleaned up trees in his front yard. "Then I heard stuff hitting the house and I took cover in back. It was crazy.”

A few doors down, Christina Sage is unsure what to do about the tree that hit her house.

"Went right through the roof that we just replaced. It's brand new. Two months,” said Sage.

Sage says the storm was terrifying for her family.

"We saw a big old flash of light. Slammed the front door and told the kids to run to the bathroom and hide,” she said.

Friends came by late last night to help remove the tree from her roof, it still sits in the backyard. They put a tarp over the hole.

"Bless their hearts they were here until 4 in the morning,” said Sage.

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The next block over Amanda Clark stopped by her sister’s house to see the damage in the daylight.

"This is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life,” said Clark.

The rental home has a tree through the roof, and a car in the driveway is also damaged.

"It is a disaster. It looks like a war zone over here,” said Clark.

Clark says her sister will be staying with friends in Olathe until the property can be repaired.

As clean up was underway Kristina Ussery realized she’s lucky to be alive.

The mother was home with her kids during the storm.

"All the sudden you heard this horrific noise that sounded like a train and a semi all together,” said Ussery.

She says she will never forget what happened next.

"I had two kids in the hallway, and then my oldest was right in front of me as the ceiling was coming down I immediately went on him,” said Ussery.

Ussery quickly helped get her children into the family’s storm shelter.

Later she realized what had actually happened in those brief frightening moments.

“The tree came in through the house. The ceiling itself fell on me,” said Ussery.

As of Sunday morning Ussery had yet to go see a doctor. She says she is in pain but wanted to stay with her kids who were shook up from the storm.

While she’s unsure of her injuries right now, she says she is grateful her house and her back to the brunt of the storm damage.

"We're alive... lives can't be replaced. All this... it may take time but it can be replaced,” said Ussery.

The people that live in her neighborhood echo the sentiment.

"Everyone's fine thank God,” said Clark.

Several homes in the Stony Point neighborhood are not suitable to stay in right now. The Red Cross went door to door on Sunday assessing damage. They plan to open cooling shelters nearby until power is restored to the area.

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