Family plans another public search for Toni Anderson, last seen by KCPD Sunday

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 18, 2017
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UPDATE 1/21/2017 6:25 PM: The family of a missing 20-year-old woman is planning another search for her Sunday at 12:30 p.m. 

Brian Anderson, the father of Toni Anderson, says the search will start at the Save-A-Lot on 29th and Burlington Street.

Brian Anderson is also asking businesses to check their surveillance footage if they're on Tony's route from her home on the 1000 block of Grandview Blvd to the QuikTrip on 2525 Burlington St. He says she would have been on the road between 4:50 a.m. and 5:15 a.m. on Jan. 15. 


Police are still searching for leads in order to find any trace of 20-year-old Toni Anderson. 

The Kansas City woman, who is originally from Wichita, was reportedly last seen Sunday morning by a police officer. 

After KCPD told 41 Action News Tuesday afternoon they couldn't find any record of Anderson being pulled over, they confirmed Tuesday night Anderson was pulled over by North Kansas City police around 4:25 a.m. near the QuikTrip at 2525 Burlington St. for an illegal lane change.

The QuikTrip off Burlington Street where Toni Anderson was last seen.

"She just got off work and she was going to another place to meet some friends and she never showed up. But it's nowhere close to where she was at in North Kansas City," said KCPD officer Darin Snapp. "After that QuikTrip, ya know, it's almost like she vanished."

Police believe Anderson was on her way to meet friends at a business in downtown KC near her home after leaving work at Chrome nightclub located off 40 Highway near the Truman Sports Complex. No one knows why she went out of her way to be in the northland. 

Toni Anderson worked at the nightclub, Chrome.

However, police say she was alone when she was pulled over and they watched her pull into QuikTrip to pump gas. 

"She stated to the officer that she was almost out of gas. There was a QuikTrip real close. So the officer told her there's a gas station right there. Gave her a warning for the violation. And watched her actually go to the QuikTrip. That's the last place we've seen her," said Snapp. 

Below is a Sunday timeline of Anderson's activity based on what police, friends and family have told 41 Action News:

4:05 a.m. - According to KCPD, left work. Friends say from Chrome night club -7400 E Highway 40, Kansas City, Missouri.

4:25 a.m. - According to KCPD, she was pulled over by North KC police for illegal lane change. Officer saw Anderson pull into QT at 2525 Burlington to pump gas. 

4:33 a.m. - According to her family's bank records, she had a declined transaction at an unknown QuikTrip.

4:42 a.m. - Anderson sent last text to friend saying "omg just just pulled over again."

4:53 a.m. - Anderson received last incoming text from unidentified number. 

KCPD is not releasing dashcam footage from the stop because of the ongoing investigation; same is true regarding security cam footage from QuikTrip. 

Police still haven’t located Toni Anderson’s 2014 black Ford Focus. However, the family told 41 Action News Thursday that detectives were able to retrieve GPS information from their insurance company, which they hope will be a clue to help locate their daughter.

"They have not shared with us any specific information, but they did confirm that the insurance company did provide them that information,” said Brain Anderson, Toni’s father.

Toni Anderson’s family overwhelmed with support, won’t leave KC unless with daughter

"No one deserves this... nobody deserves this. No mother, no father, no friends, no family deserve this torture,” Toni’s mom, Liz Anderson said.

Liz Anderson is still desperate to find her daughter.
"We will do anything. Anything. To get our daughter back,” said Liz Anderson. “We just want the police to do their work, which they've done an outstanding job."

Both Brian and Liz have been overwhelmed with the effort and support being invested in the search for Toni, which includes their hometown of Wichita, Kansas.

"To have that happen to any family is a shock, but when it's someone you actually know it hits home very quickly,” said Pastor Tom Harmon of Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Wichita.

Harmon has been Toni Anderson’s pastor since she was in Junior High. He setup a vigil for her Thursday night.

"Just praying for her. Toni is a great kid and just hoping she's okay,” said Harmon.

Hope is something the Anderson family is holding onto very tightly.

"We're going nowhere. Ya know, we're here to be of any assistance we can to help keep the word out,” said Brian Anderson.

Brian and Liz both say they’ve taken full control over the GoFundMe account setup by Toni’s boyfriend in order to hire a private investigator. They say they have full trust in the current KCPD detectives searching for Toni, so for now the money that has been raised is set aside for a Crime Stoppers reward for anyone who can locate Toni and/or possible medical bills once she is found.

"Toni, know your mom and dad are doing the best we can to find you. And if you see me honey, I love you,” said Liz Anderson.

Friends launch first public search for Toni Anderson

A small group of roughly twelve people gathered in North Kansas City Friday afternoon to start a widespread effort to find Toni Anderson.

"It's very very scary to me. Because it just makes me fear the worst. But I feel like with us here we can kind of search a little more in depth," said Mary Gillespie, Toni Anderson's friend.

The groups epicenter was the QuikTrip on Burlington, where Anderson was last seen by a North Kansas City Police officer.

KCPD, who is spearheading the investigation, says they've been using countless resources to find any leads on her whereabouts since then.

"We've had federal agents helping us out. We've had North Kansas City, Riverside searched a lot of areas for us," said KCPD officer Darin Snapp.

The case is still a missing persons investigation. KCPD says they would need a tip to change the case to something suspicious of foul play.

"We haven't had anyone call us and say, 'hey we think so and so harmed her or has her and not letting her go.' We have not had any of that information at all. It's literally like she disappeared," said Snapp.

KCPD said they used a drone to search the area and came up with nothing. They also said GPS from Andersons car insurance data didn't help at all.

Anderson's friends also searched near a quick trip on Southwest Boulevard, as some believe she may have been headed in that direction before her disappearance. 




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