KCPS launches online-only enrollment for 2018/2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Public School district has launched an online-only enrollment process for the 2018/2019 school year.

The district will begin the new process with enrollment in their eight signature schools starting on Friday. The students will still be admitted in a first-come, first-served manner. Students will only be added to the application list once their online application is complete.

Garrett Webster is the director of enrollment for KCPS. He says going completely online was a huge undertaking for the district, but said it would be a huge benefit for parents and students.

"We really wanted to take away the barrier of having to go to multiple buildings and having to travel across town or get on the bus. We really wanted to make it more of a convenience for our families," said Webster.

The district headquarters located at 2901 Troost Ave. will have extended hours starting on Friday to help assist families who can't get online or have a difficult time uploading the required documents.

"We're giving them USB drives and we'll scan all of their documents to their own USB drive. They'll be able to upload it to their application and finish the process all at once," said Webster.

Kansas City Public Library is also ready to assist families who need help getting online or navigating the district's website. Crystal Faris is the director of youth and family engagement for the library.

"We have buildings within 2 miles of everyone in the KCPS district. We have a volunteer tech coaches in the branches to help answer questions about your devices or online resources that you're trying to access," said Faris,

KCPS will expand its online-only enrollment to its neighborhood and preschool programs in February.

Families will be notified in March of what schools their child was accepted into.

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