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KCPS' restored accreditation is welcomed news for KCMO real estate market

Growing families entering optimistic market
Posted at 8:43 PM, Jan 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-11 23:12:40-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another sector that will feel the effects of Kansas City Public Schools’ full accreditation is Kansas City real estate, impacting home buyers and sellers.

Kate Bender is a KCPS parent of two, and her family has a new house.

"When we were buying our home, actually our one criteria was that our new house be in the KCPS boundaries," Bender said.

That was before KCPS received full accreditation, and today’s victory for the district is welcomed news to real estate agents across the city.

"I do believe that over the last few years, with the accreditation not being in place, that it was a detriment to the home values and home sales in Kansas City, Missouri," Mike Frazier, president and CEO of ReeceNichols Real Estate, said.

That detriment is not present anymore.

Instead, the outlook for growing families and those already with young kids is much brighter.

"There is a certain sector of people that have young kids that want their kids in the best school system possible," Frazier said. "Now, you're buying into an area where the school system is going to get better and going to continue to get better."

It’s an advantage for sellers too, as property values increase and real estate leaders are hopeful for another trend; keeping families in Missouri.

"This will be a factor that will maybe lend to people staying in Kansas City, Missouri, and staying in the heart of the city," Frazier said. "I'm a lifelong Kansas City guy. I love that people stay within the city, and so I think the more the better schools we have across all of our city helps everybody."

Restoring full accreditation is a major development for future and current families like Bender's, who are settled into their new home and eager to continue in the district.

"We love our neighborhood. We love our neighbors, and we love you know, being even closer actually to some of our kids’ schools and their classmates," Bender said. "I love being surrounded by a really special community that's very supportive, supportive of the school district and of our kids."