KCPS to model district-wide anti-bullying program after elementary school's program

Posted at 12:39 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 19:54:36-04

There’s an anti-bullying program at Trailwoods Elementary School that could help design the model for the entire Kansas City Public School District. 

Sixth-grader Jorge Rodriguez noticed a big difference shortly after transferring to Trailwoods. 

“When I came to this school I was scared I’m going to have to get bullied again and get expelled from this school. But I actually didn’t because I learned of the Leader In Me program,” Jorge said. 

Trailwoods Principal Christy Harrison said open communication between students, parents and administrators is key to the success of Leader In Me.  

“It’s based on Stephen Covey’s work with adults and the 7 habits adults live by, and we live by the 7 habits of healthy kids,” Harrison said.

These habits include: carrying your own weather, synergizing, finding your voice, and being proactive. This model of empowering the students has proven to be a strong way to combat bullying at Trailwoods. 

Jorge said bullying rarely happens at his school. 

“I’ve got to tell you one thing. Teachers don’t tolerate it here," Jorge said. 

KCPS plans to take some of these successes to form a district-wide student advisory council. The council will work closely with the student body and report any and all concerns directly to administrators. 

Leaders at Trailwoods said they also host workshops on bullying and bullying prevention throughout the school year. And new students are welcomed with open arms by other students. 

Harrison said when the students feel empowered, there’s little to no room to feel like a bully.