Kopetsky's family: 'This isn't over' until there is justice for daughter

Posted at 9:26 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2020-01-03 18:47:13-05

It's been a long 10 years and we don't like to use the word closure, we prefer the word resolution," said Rhonda Beckford.

In a small press conference Wednesday, Beckford, Kara Kopetsky's mom, opened up about the search for her daughter and getting confirmation that one of two sets of human remains found in Cass County back in April belong to Kara.

"Now, we can have a funeral and put her to rest, you know the way it should've always been and move toward prosecution," Beckford added. "She was robbed of her life and you know she deserves justice."

Jim Beckford, Kara's stepdad, said, "The heaviness has been lifted, there is a lightness in the air. It's a glorious day. Kara is officially back home, she will be able to be honored and remembered. Even though she is not here with us, she will be loved forever."

The Beckford family assures us, "This isn't over yet. We're just moving into a new phase and I'm still determined to get justice for my daughter."