KU student wins $10,000 half-court shot, gives money to grandmother

Posted at 4:36 PM, Oct 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 07:18:54-04

The one shot to win $10,000 made it into the net last night at Kansas University's "Late Night in the Phog" game. Coach Bill Self wrote the check to KU sophomore Jordan Stiers,

"Is this real? Like what? I think somebody is messing with me!" said Stiers.

When she was picked to be one of two to make the shot she had a choice, make a half-court shot herself or pick someone else. Stiers picked KU’s Director of Basketball Operations, Brennan Bechard.

"I watched it last year, Brennan Bechard did a pretty great job cause he got another kid $10,000 last year by making the shot," said Stiers.

Bechard missed the practice shot but made the next shot, winning Stiers $10,000.

"This doesn't happen, like it's just so surreal, this doesn't happen to people like us I guess," said Steirs.

Steirs says she is giving the money to her grandmother, Roxanne Edwards. When Steirs was only 10-years-old she and her siblings almost went into the foster care system. Instead, Edwards took them in.

Although Edwards was not there to see the winning shot, she says she could not be happier for her granddaughter.

“Very proud I did not expect that at all, not at all, I was happy for her that she was getting the money so I wanted her to do something with it,” said Edwards.

They both plan to spend the money on the entire family.



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