Lee's Summit family shocked after learning convicted murderer gains parole

Posted at 2:15 PM, Feb 22, 2017

Mark Weibel's family is devastated after learning his killer will be set free.

"My nephew grew up without a father because of Eddie Ramsey," said Paul Weibel.

Mark Weibel (Left) (Source: Mark Weibel's family)


Paul's brother, Mark, was killed on February 23, 1989. Eddie Ramsey murdered Mark and his boss in their auto shop off Troost.

"He laid them on a concrete floor and blew their brains out and he's gonna be walking your streets," said Paul.

Ramsey was convicted in Jackson County in 1991 on two counts of murder, sentenced to life in prison without parole. Therefore, the entire Weibel family was deeply troubled when they learned Tuesday that Ramsey was granted parole.

"Why would you let a two time convicted murderer go? He executed two people," said Paul.

Jackson County prosecutors confirmed to 41 Action News that Ramsey will be released in five years. They say it's due to a recent Supreme Court decision that struck down mandatory life terms for juvenile offenders, even retroactively. This means that because Ramsey was 17 at the time of the murders, he's just one of thousands of inmates across the country with mandatory life sentences who will not only get a parole hearing, but could be released.

Paul wants to warn others about what he feels is a tragic injustice, and will only be satisfied if Ramsey dies behind bars.

"My parents went to their grave thinking 'he's done, he's gone.' I got some justice. And now you're telling me that thirty years is enough? It's not," he said.

The Weibels still hope to fight to keep Ramsey behind bars, but aren't sure if they have any recourse. They’re aware the decision by the state parole board does coincide with a Supreme Court ruling.

A petition they filed attempting to prevent Ramsey's parole gained hundreds of signatures.



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