Local 13-year-old wins soda flavor contest, is awarded partial profit in form of college fund

Posted: 5:07 PM, Jun 19, 2017
Updated: 2017-06-20 00:16:14Z

The young entrepreneurs who started Atomic Fizz Soda Pop are used to being second-guessed because of their youth, so when they made it to their company's one-year anniversary, they wanted to celebrate.

They held a contest to get their customers involved, encouraging them to come up with recipes for a new flavor of the craft soda.

"Write down your recipe and the name of your soda, and if there's one that's really good, we'll consider making it our own flavor," said Mark Driscoll, director of marketing for Atomic Fizz.
Several people took up the challenge, but everyone at Atomic Fizz agreed that one recipe stood out.

"Rainbow Drizzle" was developed by 13-year-old Sophia Zarrillo.

"I kinda just put a few things together and tasted it and thought it tasted pretty good, so I was like 'Well, I can make a pop out of this,'" she said.

Driscoll thought so too.

"If you're used to fruit sodas -- they kind of just -- they usually coat your mouth and they're really syrupy and sweet, but this didn't do that. And there's a lot of flavor, but it was also refreshing," he said.
"It's just a lot of fruit...coming together to make just a rainbow of flavor," Zarrillo said.
It even says "Sophia's Fan Flavor Soda Pop" on the professionally-designed label. Bottles should start appearing on shelves in a few months at the various local businesses where Atomic Fizz is sold.

They plan on giving Zarrillo more than just label credit.

"Ten percent of the sales of that flavor will be going into a college fund for Sophie," Driscoll said.